Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekly February Update For Compound Stock Earnings

Ed Watanabe is a new Grandfather ….. congrats ED …. …. well…. Compound Stock Earnings announced the new “Affiliate Program” this last Monday… ….. to say this is an important event in CSE history is an understatement…. … we have never had the response for any announcement of a new Seminar…. Technique… Christmas Special or anything like we are having since the Monday announcement of the Affiliate Program…. …. if you are a graduate of the 2-Day Intensive and have taken either Advanced Charting or the Credit Spread seminar or you are a Platinum subscriber, you are eligible to participate… If you missed the Monday Webinar and you meet the above qualifications, send us an email and we will send you a link to view a recording of the webinar… ….. now…. here is some background behind some of our decisions to create this new program …we have clients that have been with us as long as 10 or 11 years….… they are good …. they are smart… They are knowledgeable about our technique …. they have been recommending our techniques and seminars for years …. we have really never had a formal definable plan to reward them for this loyalty that has certainly contributed to our growth and success ….. now we do ….. Our Affiliates will now have the ability to make six and seven figure incomes on an annualized basis and also have the ability to grow with our organization into the future…. It will provide expanding opportunities for our present folks associated with Compound Stock Earnings ….. those out there presenting seminars now across the country…. while we have thousands of clients …… we are still just a blip in the financial market place ….. while we have our radio shows in strategic locations on major stations ….. there are many…. many other places across the country where we have no presence ……. now we have the ability to be represented totally across the nation and the world by our new Affiliates…. what will this enable us to do ….. we will be able to expand our scheduled seminars into those markets where we have no radio programming ….. this will allow us to expand using our present roster of clients that are very experienced with our techniques… …. As you know…. all that present our seminars and other services have years of experience with CSE as clients …. so they have “come up” through the ranks …. we never go outside of our present clients to find those that have an interest in associating with us ….. …. we have folks that have years of experience with Compound Stock Earnings techniques that inquire all the time about working with us in some capacity… Presenting seminars or conducting other services…… …. we will now have that opportunity to work with our folks that excel as Affiliates …. Additionally, certain Affiliates will be asked to join monthly dinners with Ed, Greg, Keener, Randy, Aaron and myself in a very exclusive dinner where we will discuss all kinds of new plans that CSE has in the mill …. contribute their thoughts as to new and better ways of doing things …. be the recipients of new toolbox functions and other things that others will only hear about later ….. …. this is going to be the opportunity for CSE to grow from the experience and knowledge of our best clients … and our smart clients increase their income and their influence in meaningful ways …. This is going to be an exciting time for CSE …. Our Affiliate clients and all other clients of CSE for our services are going to grow geographically.… in frequency ….. in quality …. and an ever increasing stream of new ideas and improvements to our techniques as a result of our participating Affiliates … … and our Affiliates will have the opportunity to be influential in the growth of Compound Stock Earnings ….. and thus their own financial well also… If you qualify to be an Affiliate (you need to be a graduate of the 2-Day Intensive, either the Advanced Charting or Credit Spread Seminar and be a current Platinum Selections subscriber) and you are not taking advantage of the Affiliate program, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to become a stakeholder in Compound Stock Earnings and grow with us into the future… ….